Living Ratings of professional services firms 2021. Our full report on the Top 50

Ratings PS 2021 Cover NEW

Living Ratings of the UK's professional services firms 2021. Our full report on the Top 50

29 July 2021

We have today launched the full report of our 30th edition of Living Ratings, where we’ve rated and ranked the brand and digital intelligence of the UK’S leading professional services firms, evaluating more than 100 criteria to ascertain who’s the best of the best and who makes up the rest.

Our research was conducted during the late spring – after a full year of unprecedented change wrought by the global pandemic. Our findings pointed to a select group of distinct winners, who were able to adapt quickly and smartly to how companies needed to now engage their clients in the changing business environment.

Of the professional services firms we reviewed, about one-third reacted well, delivering more content to their audiences through their websites and social media channels. But that left a two-thirds majority failing to seize this opportunity to differentiate their brands with quality content.

To read about other trends revealed by our research, along with important marketing insights for all brands looking to thrive online, visit our Living Ratings portal to download a complimentary copy of our proprietary report.

If you would like to discuss where your firm has ranked and the analysis behind the score, please contact Mark Stephenson to arrange a meeting with one of our Ratings specialists. Our Ratings analysis, as well as our bespoke Digital Diagnostic, can be customised for any firm in any sector; we’d be happy to discuss your situation and marketing needs.