Living refreshes GIB Asset Management's brand for sustainability focus


Living refreshes GIB Asset Management's brand for sustainability focus

17 June 2024

We at Living are thrilled to announce the brand refresh of GIB Asset Management, a highly respected firm with a rich heritage. This collaborative effort focused on revitalising GIB's visual identity and messaging to reflect their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

GIB Asset Management recognised the need to elevate their brand expression to resonate with a broader audience, one increasingly focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. We partnered with them to create a brand identity that embodies their dedication to positive social and environmental impact alongside their proven track record.

A modern brand identity for a sustainable future
We crafted a comprehensive messaging suite, including a proposition statement, elevator pitch, Google descriptor, and brand values. Inspired by the dynamic angles in the logo symbolising a unique perspective on the financial landscape, we developed two creative concepts, introducing ascending patterns derived from the logo's angles. These patterns served as key design elements, offering flexibility and adaptability across various applications.

The revitalised GIB Asset Management brand and website now embodies a core firm value – a powerful force for positive change – and provides the flexibility to turn the dial from subtle to impactful. The visual identity comes to life through distinctive patterns and animation inspired by the angle in the logo, while the new messaging suite communicates the firm's values clearly, positioning GIB Asset Management as a thought leader in sustainable asset management. The website engages users with its designs and interactions, providing a more relevant online presence.

Commenting on the brand refresh, Living’s Chief Client Officer, Greg Hobden said: "Our promise to the client from day one, was that every aspect of the website, even down to the UX design would underpin the firm's commitment to sustainability related initiatives. The site currently has a digital carbon rating of B (on a scale of A to E) and scores 95% on Ecograder for UX. Work will be ongoing to maintain and improve this ranking."

This brand transformation positions GIB Asset Management for long-term growth and reinforces their commitment to ESG factors on a global scale. Living is proud to have collaborated with GIB on this brand refresh project.

Find out more about this brand refresh here.

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