SSGA Participant goes digital with video and more

image of participants SSGA Underserved Animation

Enhancing SSGA's flagship publication with engaging and interactive content

12 May 2021

Long-time client State Street Global Advisors reached out to share that they were looking to reimagine their flagship publication Participant as an improved digital experience that would feature articles, animation, audio and interactive components.

With an audience comprising Fortune 500 plan sponsors, consulting firms, advisers, wholesalers and recordkeepers, Participant has become a well-known and anticipated asset, one that sets SSGA’s Defined Contribution (DC) business apart from the competition by showcasing original thinking through compelling creative. The enhanced interactive version would need to deliver a digital experience of the caliber of content and creative that has come to define Participant.

Living created several key assets for Participant – from illustrations and an animated video to a new interactive tool.

Our writing team took on the challenge of crafting a video script to deliver SSGA’s messaging around how public policy could support underserved employees whose retirement plans were adversely affected by the pandemic. Our designers and animators then brought this important thought leadership to life with an informative and compelling video. In just two minutes, the facts and figures are delivered in a highly engaging and persuasive manner as the video, “The Underserved: How Public Policy Could Support Employees Hit Hardest by the Pandemic,” stands out as a visual centrepiece for Participant.

We also provided illustrations for two other Participant features, crafting the lead-in graphic for 'Global Retirement Experts Encourage Employers to Lean In' (podcast), and, to promote the article 'A More Complicated Future, A More Dimensional Gaze' on social media, we created a dynamic animated gif.

In the highly competitive field of retirement asset management, no one has yet to package their content and research as strongly as SSGA does with Participant. Their enhanced digital experience takes differentiation to the next level, and we’re excited to help them get there.

If you would like to know more about how we can create difference for your brand, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.