TLT: a world of difference in law

TLT: a world of difference in law

16 September 2021

Beginning its third decade as a different kind of law firm, one that pushes boundaries with new ways of working and thinking, TLT is today a top 50 UK law firm and moving up the rankings. From its original office in Bristol, TLT has expanded across the UK, now employing over 1,200 people across its offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast, and with a growing international offer.

But the firm felt that its  brand – its messaging, positioning, and visual identity – did not support the firm’s ambitious strategy or explain why clients and employees were choosing to work with TLT in increasing number. It was time for a refresh to help it stand out in a crowded and competitive field.

A genuinely different law firm
We saw that TLT is a genuinely different law firm, with personable, agile lawyers, who inspire their clients and colleagues alike. We focused on their natural empathy for clients’ situations that goes beyond understanding a problem to making that problem their own.

We crafted a suite of brand messaging and positioning that authentically conveyed how TLT is a firm of ‘business advisers as well as lawyers, working in step with clients to protect their interests today and progress their ambitions for tomorrow.’ With a bold brand promise to its clients, TLT now states, ‘Your success is our responsibility. We are part of your team and with you every step of the way.’ The brand narrative we devised culminated in the new strapline: ‘For what comes next.’

Creating a visual narrative
With the confidence of this verbal language matching the spirit and success of the firm, we needed to introduce an equally strong visual identity system – one that would work with its existing and relatively unique logo in the legal sector: a simple circle housing the letters TLT.

We interpreted the circular logo as representative of TLT’s 360° view on its clients’ worlds – inspiring our designers to create new dimensional worlds that reflect empowerment, collaboration, openness, and challenging convention. These images that became the foundation for a complete identity system reflect how ‘in a demanding world, companies need to pivot, evolve, twist and transform...’ so they can turn to TLT as business advisors and lawyers to prepare their organisation for the future.

Authentic confidence
The result is a brand that properly reflects TLT as a confident, established and ambitious firm comprising sector expert lawyers who are naturally aligned with clients and their goals. Furthermore, TLT’s employees see the new branding approach as authentically representing them as people and professionals, proud of their firm’s strengths – and difference.

Visit our case study on the TLT brand.

If you would like to learn how we can help you take a fresh look at your own brand – to better empower your business and your people, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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