Tradeweb. As seen on TV

Tradeweb TV Spot Mockup V2 Tradeweb TV Spot Mockup V3 Static

Tradeweb. As seen on TV

13 February 2024

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the 'On Tradeweb' campaign – a television commercial that is now airing globally.

This innovative campaign empowers financial possibilities and highlights Tradeweb's position as a market-leading electronic trading platform, connecting the buy side and the sell side. They continue to excel in enabling electronic trading activities across diverse asset categories, encompassing fixed income, derivatives, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), and additional financial products.

Visually, we used our bespoke Tradeweb graphic, a dynamic aperture that represents opportunity and captures the precision essential in every trade. Coupled with a vibrant colour palette, our messaging comes to life with energy and intensity, making every detail pop off the screen. The language used throughout speaks to Tradeweb's target audiences, offering a multi-faceted and versatile platform that is unmatched in the industry.

This is another opportunity to let the world know that Tradeweb is on the pulse of the markets. Their team keeps finding ways to push forward and improve on what’s already been built. With gusto, a little bit of edge and personality, the message that if it’s anywhere, it’s 'On Tradeweb' is now being broadcast across the world.

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