It's time to get real

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It's time to get real

13 September 2022

It’s safe to say that all consumers want the truth from the companies they deal with, engage with, and ultimately buy from. But do you realise that the younger generations – Gen X, Y, Z… and even Gen Alpha – want something more?

They want you to be ‘real’. In fact, they demand it. And they have the power – the purchasing and voting power – to do just that.

It’s one thing for a brand to be honest – you must be. But that’s only your starting point. If you want to truly engage with these consumers, you need a different, less traditional, mindset when it comes to your brand.

To excite them, you need to show them that you’re genuine – real people making a real-world product or delivering a real-world service.


  • Speak to them in a language that resonates with them. No buzzwords or marketing speak – they’ll see you as contrived and phoney.
  • Show them reality – not photoshopped images of the ideal. Let them see themselves in realistic ways of living with your brand. Don’t worry, that doesn’t preclude being aspirational. These consumers are open to believing the impossible is possible, if you inspire their imagination honestly.
  • Empathise with them. Prove that you live in the same world, challenged by the same questions, and thrilled by the same opportunities.

Brands are built on pillars of visual language and verbal language. Is your messaging true to who you are and what you stand for? Are your creative brand codes making you recognisable to your consumers – in the right place and time? Does this all come together to make you relatable?

Younger audiences want brands to be honest, authentic, empathetic, and… fun. Yes, fun. This doesn’t require you to be entertaining, providing comic relief with every interaction. But it does mean that your brand should be “fun to be with.” Like a reliable friend. That’s what builds loyalty. Brand loyalty.

One of the reasons that BeReal has overtaken Instagram as the hottest popular social platform is its ability to connect its audience with fun, real time sharing of “right now” photos. Here’s a brand that strips away pretense and acts exactly like the consumers it’s attracting – and amplifying.

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