Opportunities for law firms to lead in 2024

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Opportunities for law firms to lead in 2024

04 June 2024

In the latest edition of the Living Ratings of law firms we identify three major opportunities that will help law firms achieve greater brand and digital intelligence.

These opportunities are born out of an in-depth analysis of the 2024 data gleaned from our research with the world’s 100 leading law firms and are relevant to firms both large and small.

Find your brand authenticity
With an increasingly savvy target audience that is surrounded by sophisticated brand experiences, a ‘lick of paint’ rebrand will simply not cut it in most instances. To succeed, you need to dive deep into your firm’s business strategy and look outwards to external stakeholders to understand what they are looking for. Only then will you discover your firm’s true and authentic brand purpose.

Less is more. More than ever
We wrote about the importance of content curation in last year’s report and how taking a smart approach will pay dividends. Less ‘spray and pray’ and an increased ‘less is more’ approach. While this continues to be 100% the case, it’s now time to apply the same methodology to your firm’s information architecture and user experience. Your audiences are time pressured and are not naive, so don’t pretend your firm is an expert at hundreds of practice areas and sectors when it’s simply not true. Curate what you do and demonstrate this in a clear and logic manner.

Show me how
Too many firms focus on ‘what they do’ and fail to address ‘how they do business’ to their audiences. The ‘how’ allows you to tell human stories and share human opinions to connect with guess what? Humans. The same humans who are buying your services or want to join your firm. Demonstrate the benefits of working with you through well-designed landing pages linked to evidence such as case studies, thought leadership and culture. The value of the ‘how’ has never been greater.

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