Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 4. Purpose

Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 4. Brand purpose

29 April 2021

In the last of our 'Opportunity knocks for law firms' series, we take a look at brand purpose and what this actually means in practical terms.

Brand purpose
Brand purpose are two words that have floated around for years with few people really understanding what they mean. Well, 2020 changed all that and brands that demonstrated actionable brand purpose came to the fore – the likes of Amazon, Zoom and numerous other tech-based platforms.

These firms are all very clear what they stand for and have clarity in delivering their brand positioning, values and culture to their target audiences. Why should a law firm be any different? As we have said before, your brand continues to be your firm’s North Star, especially in turbulent and changeable times.

Continue to review and assess your firm’s brand and don’t be afraid to ask it tough questions or, even better, ask your clients and colleagues what they think. Brands no longer stand still or stand in isolation. They are living and breathing organisms, ones that flex and change with their target audiences’ needs and critically, distinguish your firm from the others. Don’t be afraid to stand out and develop a brand with teeth.

After all if you don’t, someone else will.

Duncan Shaw, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, Living Group

This article was first published in the Living Ratings of law firms 2021.

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