X leaves us questioning Y

X leaves us questioning Y

12 September 2023

After a brand launch, whether it’s a refresh, or revolution, there’s one question you don’t want your audience to ask… Why? Leave your audience in no doubt why you’ve changed.

Change without progress
Change. It’s happening a lot in the design world. But, is the need for change a reaction to peers changing, a necessity to revitalise a tired brand or reflective of a step-change in the business? Whatever the reason, a rebrand needs to stand for progress, not a perfunctory exercise.

Everything Must Go?
Really? Even if it ain't broke’? We’re finding now more than ever that rebrands don’t always start from scratch. There is a trend emerging to retain the logo on rebrand projects. And why not. If it is still reflective of the business now and in the future, modern and digitally sound, keep it. Breathe life into it. Give it more meaning. Tweak it. If the logo is sound, it holds brand equity. However, if your logo fails to reflect the progress of your organisation and your future goals, then it’s time for a change. 

Change, within reason
If you’re going to embark on a rebrand, brand enhancement, brand refresh… make sure it’s backed by reason, logic and evidence. Trust us, discovery sessions are worth their weight in gold. Compelling evidence for change will make it far easier to onboard your internal teams. If you want your brand to progress, start from the inside out. Your internal brand ambassadors need reasons to believe.

Rebrand, on purpose. With purpose
Take the UK's National Portrait Gallery’s recent rebrand. A stunning example of how to create a contemporary, bold, forward looking rebrand of a longstanding institution with the heart of the rebrand rooted, ironically, in its heritage. A simple sketch translated into a progressive motif and visual identity. Personally, we love how a hidden gem became so fundamental.

Technology is also no stranger to change. Does ‘X’ mark the spot for a brand full of hidden treasure? The change certainly ruffled feathers and left customers, and staff, questioning Y?

So, if you’re going to rebrand, make sure it’s reflective of progress and not to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. People can sense superficial change. Especially those within your organisation; Internal comms for brand change is just as important as external.

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