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Agile thinking for a changing world

18 October 2022

The current circumstances of the post-pandemic global economies are creating demand for professional services firms specialising in restructuring, recovery, and insolvency.

At a time of great change Cork Gully took this opportunity to embark on a rebrand, reinforcing their position in the market and vision for the future. We set out to emphasise the brand’s sophistication, as characterised by the attributes of its people, namely: intelligence, agility, and entrepreneurialism. Undertaking our proven in-depth discovery process, we identified two sets of messaging. The primary focus would position Cork Gully as highly skilled specialists known for diligence and precision, excelling in challenging scenarios.

Secondary messages would highlight Cork Gully’s ability to assess risk, seeing opportunities others miss. Cork Gully apply a purposeful innovation, utilising the latest technology and tools to allow them to perform their tasks, accurately and diligently.

In support of this bold messaging, we designed a stylish and confident brand that included a new logo type, distinctive in its elegance, with characterful and crafted aspects to the typography, capturing the firm’s attention to detail, sharp thinking and precise nature.

We also defined a new image style to evoke Cork Gully’s expertise through imagery that conveys agility, precision and skill. A new set of graphic assets were inspired by the intersecting point of the K in Cork, highlighting the critical moment Cork Gully enters into a project.

Our deliverables spanned a full complement of integrated business-critical materials across their digital channels and printed materials. We also crafted a succinct video animation that brought Cork Gully’s brand positioning to life; what the firm specialises in, and why their expertise matters.

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