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Gen Y, Gen Z? It’s all about Gen You.


Across the professional services industry, there has been increased difficulty in attracting quality talent. The auditing field has been especially impacted by a decline in attractivity to the younger generation. Mazars, a leading international firm specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory and tax services, wanted to change the misconceptions of auditing and make it attractive for young prospects, specifically 18- to 25-year olds.

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Living was challenged to develop a global marketing campaign that would effectively bring to life Mazars' Employer Value Proposition (EVP) which focuses on how the firm offers an augmented audit experience that goes beyond spreadsheets – one that contributes to the development of sustainable businesses, economies, and societies. This messaging would need to be communicated in a creative way that would resonate with the target audience.

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Through our initial discovery process, we looked to articulate an EVP that would express the brand promise and core benefits between Mazars and its potential applicants. The messaging would convey the culture the company offers in exchange for employees’ talent, skills, and commitment.

We looked to position audit at Mazars as a career launchpad that could propel young employees towards future success, providing exceptional opportunities and support while making an impact. While delivering an audit specific message, the tone of our campaign would be energetic and fun. It needed to be digital-first, innovative and, of course, authentic.

Because the next generation of auditors at Mazars represents so much more than a combination of age brackets (Gen Y + Gen Z), we conceived the theme “Gen You” to label this energetic cohort responsible for transforming the auditing world. And so we designed a campaign that would communicate how Gen You – using modern technology and automation that has elevated how audit work is done – is now empowered to provide business insights while dealing with higher levels of analytical thinking, data, and insights.

We would also show that Mazars is committed to helping its employees develop all the skills they need, as they work with clients of all sizes, in all sectors, across multiple geographies.

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To bring these concepts to life in an authentic way, we planned a series of digital ads within a robust social media amplification strategy that would feature real 18- to 25-year-old auditors from Mazars’ offices around the world. Serving as global campaign ambassadors, each “Mazarian” was assigned a theme (e.g., sustainability, technology) that was supported by one of eight headlines we crafted, along with accompanying short- and long-form messages.

Organising and directing a one-day photoshoot and a two-day film shoot in London, we created a full gallery of digital ads and videos. We wrote a script, developed the storyboard, and composed the scenes for one long film, which we then adapted into four shorter films, each around a separate theme. We supervised the editing, voiceover and music mixing for each film.

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As Mazars has offices around the world – each facing the same recruitment challenges, we created a toolkit / step-by-step activation guide that enabled the firm’s global teams to localise and execute the campaign to effectively meet regional requirements and align with local cultures.

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The global campaign effectively communicated the meaningful and transformative role of auditing at Mazars, emphasising the diverse and flexible working environment and the opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The films showcase the experience of working at the firm, highlighting the positive impact of auditing on society and the business world globally, as well as the support provided by the firm's learning infrastructure. We expect to see an increased interest in auditing as a career choice at Mazars and a more positive perception of the profession.

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