Lamp Lifeboat Ladder

True inspiration: creating a brand to support international refugees


We were honoured to be asked to help the mission of an organisation named Lamp, Lifeboat, Ladder. Established by partners at Reed Smith, one of our global law firm clients, the organisation’s goal is to help address the escalating refugee resettlement crisis in Africa and the Middle East. With a focus on education, rehabilitation, and employment, Lamp, Lifeboat, Ladder helps integrate these refugees into welcoming communities in Canada.

To communicate their mission, they needed a brand identity and engaging web presence that would inspire potential donors and supporters to get involved with the project. They needed to tell a story that would amplify the positivity of what they set out to achieve.

LLL Logo


Our project had three workstreams: the visual identity, a microsite, and a suite of promotional collateral. We worked very closely with the team to establish concepts and style-scapes, designing in creative sprints to deliver a final identity system.

We created a vibrant brand marque, inspired by the three points on a dove’s wing, each representing support, empowerment and freedom. This was then transformed into a set of three stylised L’s, interlocked, each in its own colour, and aligned with a bold title typeface.

LLL Homepage

For the visual language we created stylised lamp, lifeboat and ladder icons, all taking their basic construct from the logo L’s. Each icon was then crafted into a bespoke pattern that would work within the colour palette, creating a contrasting tapestry across collateral, while simultaneously adding depth and texture to the imagery. The colour palette was inspired by Arabic crafts, such as weaving, mosaics, and pottery, which provided a bright, yet earthy foundation to the brand.

LLL Mailer


Consulting with the client, we were inspired to deliver an engaging microsite with Umbraco at its core in just 30 days. We worked in short development sprints to ensure that all modules and pages worked effectively.

While the development was in play, our design team was busy creating key collateral to support the digital communication and enable the organisation’s ambassadors to build momentum in their outreach efforts to gain support. To see the new Lamp, Lifeboat, Ladder brand in action visit

Inspired to create difference
Just as we are committed to creating difference for our global clients, Living dedicates time and energy every year to fulfil the creative needs of charitable organisations who themselves are making a difference in their communities. For more examples of our pro bono projects, visit Giving from Living.


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