Disruptive digital

Your clients live online. Can you deliver them a digital experience they’ll love?

Your business needs a digital reality check. You have a website that clients don’t think of as a destination. They get lost and don’t care to hang around.

Your company is a veritable factory of data that that could tell a truly compelling story, but you’re perplexed on how to get anyone to care.

You know it’s the digital arena where competitors prove their value, lock in loyalty, and capitalize on engagement.

But do you have the resources, the skills and the technical creativity to generate an online realm where clients can fall in love with your brand?

Whether you’re looking to reimagine your website or imagine a new way how to communicate the insights in your data, we can help you fully realize a digital brand experience like no other. With words, images, interaction, and of course, measurable results.

The design. The interaction. The impact. The purpose. The business of your digital engagement.

The Living process: Focused on insight

As your agency partner, we will work with you to reveal a path forward to capture the power of today’s technology. Our global team of strategists, designers and developers can create a website or digital solution that delivers what your clients need and what your brand stands for. Applying the insights of our annual proprietary research, Living Ratings, we focus on evidence and engagement to help you define and extend your marketing success online.

To your advantage: A digital experience

Whether for a targeted project or retained consultation, you will work with our award-winning team, recognized for the creativity and functionality of the websites we develop and the digital visualization programs we design. We’re experienced digital marketers with relevant industry experience, so we speak your language and have deep knowledge of existing technologies, leading trends, and optimal solutions.

Your business needs digital transformation, whether a single step forward or a complete journey. Together we can create an effective and engaging experience to drive your brand forward.

To find out how Living Group can increase the volume of your online brand,

please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong